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Our Job: We enable healthcare providers and MedTech companies through a secure, unified, standards-independent access to latest medical technology & data, building their digital business cases and make use of innovative health solutions.

Our core API streamlines and secures different sources of health data in a single point for further application in hospitals and individual medicine.

Currently, patient documentation is stored in different formats and systems: not aligned, not secured during transmission, and often not available when needed. Our solution, based on latest technology, focuses on channeling data from medical devices, diagnoses, test results and all different kind of the patient’s health information to the right medical person, required to have that information for taking care of the patient in the best way possible.

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Patient-centered health services need to be operated closely to various security and compliance regulations. Our platform solution takes care of data integrity check and encryption of data, while at the same time allows full control of access and rights management.

Particularly, GDPR and HIPPA regulations define a set of measure and functionalities, which are best places directly within the infrastructre. Audit logs, patient consent management and intrusion detection allow health care service providers to monitor and overwatch all services and the infrastructure itself, without being locked out of own processes.

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We work closely with partners in every active market to deliver best in class healthcare services. Those partners represent a vast variety of health disciplines, such as MedTech companies, insurances, specialists, medical app providers, and laboratories. Without those partners, achieving our mission wouldn’t be possible.

We look forward to getting in touch with you and discussing future cooperation and opportunities to build a global and secure healthcare framework.

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All Needed Health Data in One Place. Secure. Streamlined. System-independent.

  • First European API for med. data integration for Health Care Service Providers

  • First platform solution for secure, unified access to locked-up patient information

  • Open to any type of medical device, data and source of medical information

Niucare makes eHealth supportive, not complicated

Doctors and healthcare providers easily manage digital patient information. This helps to reduce workload, fulfill GDPR and data security requirements, and allows a professional exchange of sensitive patient information with external professionals.

Fast and secure integration of medical devices benefits hospitals by saving costs and time investments, chronically ill patients with home devices, MedTech providers for faster deployment, and in the end the doctor for having access to monitoring and tracking of vital functions.

Patient information in wearables, smart medical devices, and mobile apps are already digitized automatically. Now it’s our job to enable medical professionals to benefit and make use of new ways of monitoring and treating patients. Integrating new and existing devices and systems with no individual effort, based on a single, most up-to-date-API, allows healthcare providers to become fully digitized.

For the first time, former unsecured communication between health IT and medical data sources will be FULLY encrypted and secured. Sufficient protocols, reliable transmission and a framework for third-party-service-integration ensure an aligned data process management in full compliance with GDPR and patient data privacy regulations.

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Bringing healthcare to people on a global scale leaves a positive impact and opens opportunities in endless variations.

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