Niucare at Life Science Meets Digital

2019-04-29T11:40:41+00:00November 13th, 2018|

Yesterday, our CFO/COO Lars Pithan joined the “Life Science Meets Digital” in Bonn. Under the headline of “building health ecosystems – sharing for better health”, roughly 90 attendees gathered at the Telekom headquarters for keynotes, discussions, and panels.

The hosts of the 10. “Life Science Meets Digital” event, Dr. Andreas Amann (Detecon) and Dirk Natho (T-Systems), welcomed round about 30 companies, including Niucare to exchange ideas and latest insights about data driven healthcare and how new business models will change the ecosystems for improved health services.

Lars Pithan had the grateful opportunity to join this occasion and to bring in ideas from a digital health startup-perspective.

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