The Secure Connectivity
for Exchanging Medical Data

Medical professionals and healthcare providers deal with sensitive data. Exchanging information through web-based and digital interfaces requires secure and reliable technologies. Facing a growing technological complexity, we provide our HealthConnect solution to those, who are sending or receiving data in the medical sphere and require an independent, proven solution to connect their resources with others.

HealthConnect for Patients & Practitioners

Securely create your unique identity and key-fingerprint. You decide who is able to see what information about yours. Doesn’t matter if for Electronic Health Records, wearables, telemedical services… All your data stays locally with you and is only accessible by verified services when you allow it.

You can order your HealthConnect for patients for free. No obligations, no costs. We provide our patients’ solution for identification and encryption of health-related data to everybody who values privacy and security.

HealthConnect for Enterprises

Providing digital services, device data, or patient-related data comes with a high volume of technical and regulatory specifications. HealthConnect allows endpoints in a decentralized, open infrastructure to exchange data and information without being limited or locked-in to a single provider solution.

Keep your business case free of ongoing compliance issues, stay safe, have the security on your side and the confidence that all data is fully encrypted and only made available to those, who have a verified and secure access point.

HealthConnect for Scaling Services

Make use of the full security & connectivity modulation for healthcare services, apps, and devices. We provide you the gateway to a decentralized and interoperable healthcare infrastructure. Make sure, you are aligned with EU-regulations regarding highly sensitive health data policies.

Keep the pricing flexible and grow your services without being limited by technical boundaries.

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